Resident Evil 7 is a 'touchstone' for upcoming movie reboot

Screenwriter Greg Russo took inspiration from the terrifying 2017 game sequel for the James Wan-produced film.

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Could we see someone like Jack Baker in the Resident Evil movie reboot?


"Welcome to the family, son!"

The James Wan-produced reboot to the Resident Evil movie franchise will be more horror than action, according to its screenwriter.

Greg Russo tried to channel Resident Evil 7 -- the scariest entry in years in Capcom's long-running survival horror game series -- in his draft of the screenplay, he told Discussing Film last week.

"For me it was very clear-cut that I wanted to go back and make it scary again like a horror film in terms of the classic James Wan style," he said. "Resident Evil 7 was a bit of a touchstone for my draft."

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Russo said he enjoyed the "over-the-top action" of writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson's six Resident Evil movies, but he considers the series to be horror first and action second.

"So it just made sense to go back to the horror roots," he said.

Wan is known for producing the Saw movies and The Nun, while Russo also wrote the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie reboot and Death Note 2 -- the sequel to Netflix's 2017 adaptation of the manga.

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Hopefully the new Resident Evil movie will feature something as scary as the Baker family members, who stalk Resident Evil 7 hero Ethan throughout their home, or the scene where Mia crawls out of the darkness. Some of us may have had to take a break and turn on all the lights after that scene.

We don't have a release date for the Resident Evil reboot yet, but fans will be able to play the remake of the second game in the series on Jan. 25, 2019.