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Power Rangers Zeo Megazord revealed by Hasbro, featuring swappable helmets

The Megazord from the 1996 series arrives as a 12-inch figure.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino

The 12-inch Power Rangers Zeo Megazord.


Power Rangers Zeo's Megazord was revealed Saturday during Hasbro PulseCon, landing as a 12-inch figure that includes swappable helmets and accessories as seen in the 1996 season of the television show.


One of the helmet options for the Megazord, which in this case was the Gravity Mode on the show.


Power Rangers Zeo featured one of the first major costume swaps for the American cast along with the return of actor Austin St. John as Jason Scott, and with that change came a Megazord that allowed for five different helmet options for the Rangers to use for different powers. Those helmets as well as wings and a sword accessory are included with the figure, which is now available on Entertainment Earth at $50.

The throwback figure will also feature packaging with a retro theme, hearkening back to the 1990s branding of the television show. The Power Rangers Zeo show was the third title used for the American show, following the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that began in 1993 and the short Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers series that lasted 10 episodes that bridged the way to the Zeo series.

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Hasbro's PulseCon began on Friday, featuring reveals such as head-flipping Power Rangers figures and a $350 Razor Crest from Star Wars' The Mandalorian series that is available for fans to preorder under a crowdfunding campaign.

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