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Power Rangers Dragonzord Makes Zord Ascension Project Debut as $132 Premium Figure

Exclusive: This higher-end Dragonzord, revealed at Comic-Con, can even combine with the Power Rangers' Megazord.

Power Rangers' Dragonzord.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord is becoming a high-end replica figure as part of Hasbro's Zord Ascension Project, and it even includes the ability to transform with the line's Megazord. 

Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday ahead of the Boom Studios panel at 2 p.m. PT, the $132 Dragonzord comes at a 1:144 scale, and its design is based on concept art for Super Sentai -- the Japanese series that's adapted into the Power Rangers series.

The Dragonzord arrives in a specially designed box and comes with a lot of accessories, including 13 items such as Dragonzord's finger weapons and three included Green Ranger slug accessories.

Dragonzord combined with Megazord

The Dragonzord can combine with the separate Megazord for Mega Dragonzord mode (seen here) and into a Battle Mode.


For anyone who owns the earlier Megazord in the Zord Ascension Project line, the Dragonzord can combine for both a Battle Mode and into the Mega Dragonzord.

The Dragonzord is available for preorder Thursday from Hasbro's Pulse store as well as other retailers. 

Power Rangers Metallic White Ranger

The Metallic White Ranger joins the Power Rangers Lightning Collection.


The giant robot's reveal comes alongside the addition of the Mighty Morphin Metallic White Ranger action figure that's entering the Power Rangers Lightning Collection.

This rendition of the White Ranger, portrayed by actor Jason David Frank on the show, will include swappable heads for both the Ranger helmet and depicting Frank's character Tommy Oliver. Accessories for the figure include the Ranger's Saba Sword, a combined Zeo Crystal, blast effects accessories and an extra pair of hands.

The Metallic White Ranger will retail for $23 and be made available this fall.