Get a Mew! Pokemon Go is shaking up the game with new quests

Two new research quests will be available starting Friday, and may lead up to a meeting with cat-like Mythical Pokemon Mew.

Pokemon Go players, rejoice! Updates are coming.

Pokemon Go players, do you have any quest-ions? As of Friday, a huge new update to the popular mobile game will let players take two different kinds of research quests, game creator Niantic said in a press release.

"A series of mysterious happenings is occurring all over the world," the release reports. "Professor Willow is seeking Trainers to help him find out if this is connected to the Mythical Pokemon Mew."

Field research quests can be gathered by spinning PokeStops and will present players with challenges, such as catching certain Pokemon or winning a battle. Special research quests, however, must be requested by Professor Willow himself and they will unfold as the player completes objectives.

The quests will unlock various rewards for players, leading up to a possible meeting with Mew, the game's first Mythical Pokemon. Mew is a pink cat-like Pokemon whose DNA was cloned to produce Mewtwo.