Pandora: On International Women's Day, try these female artists

The internet radio company joins Spotify and Apple Music in their efforts to celebrate women in music.

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Well, have you?


Now that's a good tune.

Pandora is turning on its International Women's Day celebrations by launching new stations and playlists featuring women, accessible on free, Plus and Premium tiers.

The internet radio company spotlights women in music and comedy, with "Premium playlists" featuring, for example, audio of the best jokes from comedians Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman. It's also bulked up its "Pandora Stations" with channels like "Women in Reggae" and "Women in Hip Hop", spreading messages of empowerment.

It says singer Rihanna and comedian Amy Schumer are the most listened to, with Rihanna hitting 12.8 billion spins and Amy Schumer 50 million.

You may have noticed the playlists' "Premium" label, but Pandora says free and Plus listeners can access them via Premium Access after watching a short ad.

Pandora isn't the only online music company celebrating women. Spotify released a new tool Thursday in partnership with Smirnoff called "The Smirnoff Equalizer", which gives you a percentage of whether you mainly listen to male or female artists. Apple Music is doing its bit too, festooning the iTunes store with banners for women in movies, TV shows, books, podcasts and more.

You can access Pandora's playlists and stations through its website and app.

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