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Owen Wilson joins Marvel's Loki series on Disney Plus

Wilson will be playing a major role in the series starring Tom Hiddleston.

Owen Wilson in the 2017 movie Father Figures. 
Warner Bros. Pictures

Looks like the upcoming Disney Plus series Loki has a new cast member -- actor Owen Wilson, according to an exclusive report from CNET sister site on Friday. 

Wilson is best known for comedic roles in the movies ZoolanderThe Royal Tenenbaums and Wedding Crashers. While Wilson's character is still unknown, his background as a comedic actor he could well mean he'll by providing some laughs to the new series. The report says Wilson's role will be "major." 

Wilson joins actor Tom Hiddleston, who will reprise his role as Thor's brother and Asgaard's trickster Loki. Funnily enough, in 2013 during an interview Hiddleston did a rather uncanny impression of Wilson acting as Loki. 

Work officially began on the upcoming Disney Plus series Loki in December, and on Monday, Hiddleston posted a hilarious behind-the-scenes video on his Instagram to show fans how his training is going

Loki will launch on Disney Plus in the spring of 2021. The series was originally announced in November 2018.  

Disney and Marvel didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.