Yoga mat features Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Om?

But please don't let Jabba anywhere near my chakras.

Leslie Katz Former Culture Editor
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Leslie Katz

As culture editor at CNET, I have Stars Wars on the brain a lot, especially this week with Solo: A Star Wars Story opening. One place Han Solo, Lando and company aren't typically top of mind? Yoga class. 

That would change, however, were I to get one of these Star Wars yoga mats featuring an image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. I'm not sure I want the scruffy-looking nerf herder's anguished face staring up at me every time I'm trying to ground myself in downward dog. I could see using it while lying face up for corpse pose though.  

The mat from health and wellness company Onnit came out in the fall, but I just discovered it this week amid the Solo product push. The iconic image of Han in carbonite from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back has shown up in all sorts of other products as well: a backpack, rug, table, even a life-size action figure.  

The reversible rubber mat's pricey at $64.95 (roughly £48.80, AU$86) -- but to be fair, it does have Han Solo trapped in it. Now, Onnit, no Jabba the Hutt yoga mats please. That would really interrupt my flow.