New batch of The Joel McHale Show lands on Netflix

No need to wait a week to get each new episode. Six installments stream starting July 15.

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The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale is actually co-hosted by Timothy Olyphant (left) and Drew Barrymore.


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You know what your Sunday needs? Snark. That's right, you need a snarky Sunday and Netflix aims to provide it with new episodes of The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale. If you've never seen the show, you're lying. It's pretty much exactly the same as Talk Soup or The Soup or any other program where a host cracks wise after showing the audience a clip from another series.

Since you're reading this, let's give you some extra information not found in the podcast: HBO has a new documentary about the life of legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams. The film features tons of interviews and archival clips of Williams himself. It hits HBO Now on July 16.

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