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NASA astronaut shares Star Wars fan video filmed on the ISS

May the 4th is with NASA astronaut Drew Morgan.

NASA astronaut Drew Morgan on his first spacewalk in 2019.

Look, ma, no CGI! NASA astronaut Andrew "Drew" Morgan didn't need fancy special effects to create a Star Wars spaceship chase scene on board the International Space Station. 

In celebration of May the 4th Star Wars day, Morgan shared a very short video showing an X-wing fighter being chased by a TIE figher being chased in turn by the Millennium Falcon. "No special effects required on the space station," he tweeted.

The astronaut didn't give much context, but it appears the flight scenes were filmed by floating Star Wars toys in front of a view of Earth down below. There seems to be a stash of Star Wars-related merch on the ISS. Astronauts have carried their favorite toys into orbit over the years.

Current ISS resident Ivan Vagner, a Roscosmos cosmonaut, also got in on the May the 4th action by sharing a photo of a crocheted Yoda floating on board. Vagner's wife made the talisman for him. "Every time I look at it, the famous words come to my mind: May the force be with you," the cosmonaut tweeted.

Morgan returned to Earth in April after spending nine months on the ISS. He had the opportunity to watch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker while in orbit in January.

There isn't much of a storyline to Morgan's video, but the TIE fighter was definitely outnumbered. We can be pretty certain the forces of good will prevail. 

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