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MoviePass trying ticket stub photos to combat fraud

If it works, maybe we'll see the return of multiple viewings of the same movie return!

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Lori Grunin
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Some MoviePass subscribers have been invited to a beta test of a new send-us-your-ticket-stub-photos process which could serve as a fraud-prevention tactic the for the service's movie-viewing limit.

MoviePass resurrected its fan-favorite $10 monthly movie-a-day Ultimate subscription Wednesday, but its recent change to limit your viewing to once per movie still stands

The company certainly isn't afraid to try new things. But that can backfire on it, since a lack of stability in offerings could send people into wait-and-see mode. They might even assume many of the subscription packages won't last -- a concern raised by our resident Cheapskate.

There's also a mechanism for handling lost ticket stubs that works kind of like an expense report -- you provide an explanation. However it also sounds a bit draconian, in that it sounds like a one-strike-you're-out policy.

Here's the email in full:

Please read this entire email, as it contains important information about your MoviePass service. We are implementing a few systems to protect our service from fraudulent activity to ensure that MoviePass is sustainable for the entire community. As part of this initiative, we will soon begin testing some new safeguards. Please note that failure to cooperate with the below safeguards could result in irreversible termination of your subscription.

Starting over the next few days, each time you purchase a movie ticket with your MoviePass card, you will be asked to upload a photo of your ticket stub. This photo needs to be uploaded before you're able to purchase your next movie ticket through MoviePass. You'll be prompted to submit the photo of your ticket stub through the MoviePass app. This feature will help us better track user behavior and ensure that subscribers are abiding by our Terms of Use. We appreciate your cooperation as we test out this new process. If you fail to submit your ticket stub more than once, your account will be canceled and you'll be ineligible to sign up for a new MoviePass account.

Click here to learn more about Ticket Verification
The process is really simple and we don't believe this extra step should impact your experience.

  • Continue to check-in to a movie the same way through the MoviePass app
  • After you check-in you'll be asked to take a photo of your ticket stub
  • The first time, you will also be asked to enable camera access in order to do so
  • Once the photo verification is processed (this will only take seconds), you'll be able to purchase your next ticket the following day
  • You will have to repeat these steps above each time you use your MoviePass card
  • Our ultimate goal is to continue providing you with access to movie theaters at a low cost, and we appreciate you working with us as we upgrade our systems.

Additionally, we wanted to take this time to remind you to always double-check the MoviePass app to confirm your preferred showtimes and theaters are available for the movie you're planning to see before you leave for the theater.

Why was I chosen to be a part of this?

Beta testing new features such as this is how we learn where we can adapt our app to be safer and more effective for our members. We hope you understand that as a randomly selected participant, we rely on your help and feedback.

What happens if I don't have my ticket stub?

You are prompted to take a photo of your ticket stub immediately after clicking on your showtime and checking in. It's best to take a photo of your stub immediately after it prints out. However, if you do lose your stub you can click on the button "Don't Have Your Ticket Stub?" link on the verification banner. You'll be asked to provide an explanation for why you don't have your stub. Type in your explanation and press submit. You'll now be able to navigate through and use the app again.

Be sure to submit pictures of your ticket stubs in the future. If you fail to submit your ticket stub more than once, your account will be canceled and you'll be ineligible to sign up for a new MoviePass account.