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Miramax sues Quentin Tarantino over Pulp Fiction 'Secret NFT' project

The studio believes it owns the NFT rights to the iconic film.

Miramax wants in on Quentin's Pulp Fiction NFT venture. 
Miramax Films

A major Hollywood studio is not happy with legendary director Quentin Tarantino's plan to auction off scenes from his classic film Pulp Fiction as nonfungible tokens embedded with previously unreleased pages from the original handwritten script.

Tarantino announced at the NFT.NYC conference earlier this month that a handful of scenes and script pages from 1994's Pulp Fiction would be put on the Secret Network blockchain, which allows for greater data privacy and anonymity than more prevalent blockchains like ethereum. 

Now Miramax has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in California claiming that the studio "holds the rights needed to develop, market and sell NFTs related to its deep film library."

In court documents, lawyers for Miramax say that the studio sent cease-and-desist letters to Tarantino upon learning of his plan. 

"Wrongly claiming that his narrow reserved rights are sufficient, Tarantino remains undeterred and has refused ... to cancel the sale of Pulp Fiction NFTs," the suit reads. 

Secret Network is asking people to fill out an "interest form" for a waiting list for the NFT auction. 

Tarantino's attorney didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.