Marvel's 'Moon Knight' Episode 1 Memes: Steven Wins Over the Internet

Fans couldn't get enough of Oscar Isaac's meek museum gift shop employee Steven Grant.

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Meara Isenberg

Poor Steven is always left in the dark.


Moon Knight left an impression on the internet on Wednesday with the release of episode 1 (here's CNET's episode 1 recap, including Easter eggs). Speaking of first impressions, can we please get Steven a redo of that dinner date? The poor guy deserves it. 

To sum it up, watchers of the Disney Plus series loved Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, the mild-manned museum gift shop employee. His boss Donna, on the other hand, didn't capture any hearts. Memes poked fun at the stark differences between Steven and Marc Spector, the two main identities that share Isaac's body on the show.

The next episode of Moon Knight suits up each Wednesday. Here's a full release schedule

Moon Knight introduced Steven, a mild-mannered vegan goldfish dad, and the internet ate it up. 

The show didn't really let Steven (with a V) in on much. 

We didn't see much of Marc in episode 1, but fans still pointed out the differences between Isaac's dual personalities.

Some did not take well to Donna, Steven's boss at the gift shop. 

There were also some rude voices in Steven's head.

And IYKYK...