Marvel might start developing X-Men, Deadpool films next year

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige offers a tiny glimpse of the possibilities for its new additions.

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Twentieth Century Fox

When the Disney and Fox deal finally closes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to get so big the House of Mouse might need to build a whole new guesthouse.

Properties such as the X-Men , Deadpool and the Fantastic Four -- characters that have lived at 20th Century Fox for decades -- will be brought under the Marvel banner. And that means it's almost certain they'll enter the MCU in the future. 

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios boss, didn't quite put a solid timeline on when that might occur. But he suggested on Variety's "Playback" podcast Thursday that although he hasn't yet put any time into the Fox-owned characters, development on the properties could begin as early as next year.

"We've been told it's looking very good and could happen in the first six months of next year," Feige told Variety's Kris Tapley on the podcast. Positive news for those looking to see the MCU expand evermore, but Feige was honest about just how far along that process is right now.

"In terms of actually thinking about it and actually planning things, we haven't started that yet," he said. 

While some of us seem to be suffering from Marvel fatigue, a whole slew of superheroes are waiting in the wings to enter the MCU. Will we see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine make an appearance? Will Ryan Reynolds' merc-with-a-mouth get a crack at the next intergalactic threat posed to the Avengers? There's potential there but the MCU has a lot of content to work with, even without the Fox properties.

"Twenty-three films in, we still have truly only scratched the surface of what has been in publishing for the last 80 years," said Feige. "There's still others that we haven't tapped into yet, in terms of genre plays, which is what we always like to do."

Provided the Fox-owned characters make it through the carnage of the Endgame, it might not be long before we hear how they enter the fray. Is it likely we'll see the X-Men vs. The Avengers down the track? 

Let's just get through Marvel's slate of 2019 releases first, starting with Captain Marvel on March 8.

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