Marvel fans react to reminder that Disney is leaving Netflix

Fans are already debating whether there's room in their entertainment budget for the upcoming Disney streaming service.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Captain Marvel will be the first Disney film that will stream on Disney's own platform, not on Netflix.


It's not a new revelation that the time to watch Disney/Marvel films on  Netflix  is coming to an end, but Marvel fans reacted strongly this week when the New York Times reminded them

Captain Marvel, due out in March 2019, will be the first film to move to the new service, and Ant-Man and the Wasp, currently in theaters, will be the last Marvel movie to show on Netflix, at a yet-unspecified date.

Not much is known about the Disney streaming service, which some are dubbing "Disneyflix," though we do know its monthly subscription rate will be less than Netflix and it will launch late in 2019. But if moviegoers want to watch the studio's 2019 movie slate on a streaming service, they're going to have to consider adding yet another monthly subscription fee to their bills. 

And that 2019 movie slate, announced back in May, has some promising titles. In addition to powerhouse Star Wars: Episode IX, coming in December 2019, films that won't be on Netflix include Dumbo, Avengers 4, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, Lion King, Artemis Fowl, Jungle Cruise and Frozen 2.

Even though the news wasn't fresh, it sparked social-media reaction, with fans debating whether the Disney/Marvel movies would be enough to make them fork out cash for the new service.

Some fans thought adding "Disneyflix" would be a no-brainer. Wrote one Twitter user, "I don't get the hate for the new streaming service. You get every Disney movie, every Pixar movie, every MCU  movie and every FOX  movie. And all of the shows and cartoons from those properties, including the new season for SW: TCW. What's wrong with that?"

That same fan noted that if push comes to shove, it might be Netflix that gets the boot, writing, "In my case we'll probably cancel Netflix because we never use it and anyways we already have Hulu for free because we have a (Sprint) account and we have Prime."

And he's not alone. Wrote one user, "I've NEVER been more excited to get a streaming service as I am to get the DisneyMarvelFox streaming service. I'll pay happily for that one."

Others weren't as willing to consider adding the Disney service. Wrote one especially blunt fan, "I'm not buying that Disney streaming service, I'm just gonna bootleg stuff." 

Wrote another: "This sucks. Who can afford 50 different subscriptions? Between Netflix, Hulu, Freeform and now Disney? Oh and CBS. This is the new cable."

Still others see a rough road ahead for Netflix, without the superhero, Star Wars and other Disney and Marvel franchises that are so popular. Wrote one Twitter user, "And here it begins... Netflix's downfall."

And some are settling back to watch the inevitable corporate battle. Wrote one fan, "The streaming wars start...... next year!"

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