Disney's Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn Finds Its Conscience With Its New Card

Exclusive: Jiminy Cricket joins Disney's trading card game Lorcana in the new set; Rise of the Floodborn

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James Bricknell
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Jiminy Cricket Lorcana card on a fantasy background

Disney Lorcana has become one of the best two-player games in my house now I've bought enough of the cards to play it. While the first set of cards is about to get another release, the second set, Rise of the Floodborn, is coming later this month, and Disney is revealing the new cards one at a time through various sites. Today, it's CNET's turn to show you an exclusive card.

Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's Conscience is an amethyst card. The amethyst deck contains cards that help you control your opponent while giving you big hitters to gain a lot of lore. Jiminy is designed to help build your hand quickly with his special ability: That Still, Small Voice, which works in tandem with the newly announced Pinocchio, Talkative Puppet and Pinocchio, Star Attraction cards. It lets you draw a card for every Pinocchio card you already have on the table.

The Jiminy Cricket Disney Lorcana card

All three of these cards have a low ink cost, so you can easily field several Pinocchio variants before you play a Jiminy card. Keep several of the Jiminy Cricket cards handy throughout the deck and you should be able to stack your hand in your favor. In theory, if you played all four Pinocchio, Talkative Puppet and all four Pinocchio, Star Attraction cards before you play your Jiminy Cricket cards, you could get a maximum of 32 extra cards in your hand before the end of the game. 

Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's Conscience, also has the Evasive ability, which keeps him useful beyond his first play. Evasive is like the flying ability in Magic: The Gathering: it stops Glimmers from being challenged by other Glimmers without the Evasive tag. This can be especially helpful early on to get some lore on the table before your heavy hitters can gain traction. 

The stat block for Jiminy Cricket Lorcana card

While Disney's Lorcana is one of my favorite family games to play, as well as one of the best two-player games, it's been hard to get it into the hands of players. There have been stock issues for the first set of cards, due in part to high prices from local game stores and people who bought the cards in hopes of reselling them at higher prices. Hopefully, the reprint of the first set will alleviate this issue, and I'm hoping Disney will ensure that Rise of the Floodborn has sufficient cards from the start so people will actually get a chance to play the game.