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This Jurassic World dinosaur head is the best hunting trophy

Your friends don't have to know that you didn't kill it yourself.

This will look good with your floral curtains.

You are a mighty hunter. Mammals just don't cut it. You're better than that. You have a dinosaur head mounted on your wall. More than a conversation piece ... it's a way of life.

Movie ticket seller Fandango launched a new Prop Shop division of its Fanshop store on Tuesday and it's stocked with some interesting items related to the dino-romp Jurassic World franchise. 

You could drop $400 on a limited-edition Jurassic Park hatched velociraptor egg replica, but that's small time compared to the one truly outstanding item on the Prop Shop menu: Indominus Rex.

A life-size version of the genetically created super-saur from 2015's Jurassic World was too much to hope for, so we'll just have to settle for this one-off wall-mounted head prop. It even comes in a "collectible crate." 

The toothy prop looks chillingly realistic and is "hand molded and hand-painted by artisans on the Universal Studios back lot." The head measures 28 inches in length and the largest tooth clocks in at 1.5 inches.

You will pay $24,999.99 for the privilege of capturing this fictional dinosaur. Fandango does not ship internationally, so people outside the US will just have to book a trip to Jurassic World and take a really big net.

Star Chris Pratt will be back struggling with dinosaur problems again when the sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom reaches theaters in June.