Ryan 'Deadpool' Reynolds trolls Josh Brolin on 50th birthday

The Merc with a Mouth wishes Cable from the "Deadpool" sequel a very Goonie birthday, Norman Rockwell-style.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper

Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don’t taste a day over 40.

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

Have a very Goonie birthday, Josh Brolin.

The actor, who plays Cable in the "Deadpool" sequel and Thanos in "Avengers: Infinity War," turns 50 on Monday. Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, was not about to let such a milestone go unnoticed.

Reynolds posted an Instagram photo of his character painting a portrait of Brolin, but the painting reflects Brolin as he looked circa 1985, when he made his film debut in "The Goonies." Deadpool's mimicking the famed Norman Rockwell triple-self-portrait from 1960.

"Happy Birthday, Bright Eye," Reynolds snarked in the Instagram caption, joking about the character's one-eyed face. "You don't taste a day over 40."

For more Deadpool teasing of Cable, check out the movie trailer released last week, where Deadpool stops the footage to complain about the CGI on Cable's metal arm.

The "Deadpool" sequel opens May 18 in the US and June 1 in the UK. No Australia release date has been listed yet.

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