Johnny Depp to star in movie about John McAfee

Depp will play the lead role in a dark comedy about the tech magnate's journey from entrepreneur to fugitive, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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John McAfee set up a "Colonel Kurtz-like compound of guns, sex and madness" in the Belize jungle, according to a 2012 Wired article on which the movie will be based.

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If you have been craving more of that real-life, edge-of-your-seat drama we enjoyed following the adventures of John McAfee just a few years ago, you're in luck.

A movie about the notorious tech magnate is in the works, with actor Johnny Depp filling the lead role, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The dark comedy, titled "King of the Jungle," is based on a 2012 Wired article about a journalist's experience chronicling McAfee's journey from tech entrepreneur to cocaine addict to fugitive.

The article, "John McAfee's Last Stand," by Joshua Davis, follows McAfee as he loses his fortune and moves to the jungle of Belize, setting up a "Colonel Kurtz-like compound of guns, sex and madness," according to The Hollwood Reporter. The movie is about escalating paranoia, slippery reality and murder, according to the report.

McAfee's movements had much of the tech community -- and the world at large -- riveted for several months. McAfee initially made a name for himself by founding the McAfee Associates in 1987, which pioneered antivirus software. After departing a multimillionaire in 1994, he's said to have worked on several startups and for the most part disappeared from the public eye.

He then made headlines in 2012 for his alleged involvement in a murder in Belize (which he denies) that resulted in a wild goose chase and his capture in Guatemala. Since then, Intel, which purchased McAfee in 2010, has disassociated its brand from his name and McAfee the man has popped up in peculiar videos and announced other security-focused projects.

There was no mention of when we might expect to see the tale on the silver screen.

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