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John Krasinski holds perfect virtual graduation featuring Oprah Winfrey

Unless you thought it couldn't get any better, Some Good News also marked its sixth episode with cameos from Marvel heroes Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.

John Krasinski can't help but make people smile.
Some Good News/YouTube

After taking it upon himself to give students a Billie Eilish-headlined virtual promJohn Krasinski focused episode 6 of Some Good News on another big day for school students stuck at home: graduation.

Letting loose the streamers for a virtual send-off, the feel-good news show brought in inspiring figures from Hollywood and beyond to help celebrate those tossing up their square caps. Some of those virtual attendees? Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds and, yes, Oprah Winfrey.

Reynolds made his entrance this week as SGN's weather man (skip to 5:45), reporting in great detail, "It looks pretty good." And in one of the best new segments, Samuel L. Jackson stood out in the street and yelled compliments at people (skip to 4:07). Just think about that happening to you for a second.

Surprising Amanda Gorman, the first youth poet laureate in the US, Krasinski opened up their Zoom call to Winfrey (skip to 13:38), who provided advice for Gorman, a soon-to-be graduate of Harvard. Krasinski's advice? "Achieve something some day, that would be great."

Activist Malala Yousafzai was also among the huge lineup of guests (skip to 12:38), along with Jon Stewart (skip to 14:08) and Steven Spielberg (skip to 14:20).

The graduation celebrations didn't end there: Elsewhere, Tom Hanks recorded a message for the graduates of Wright State in Dayton, aka "the chosen ones."

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