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'Jetsons' movie set for launch with 'Sausage Party' director

George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Astro and Rosie will rocket onto the silver screen.

"The Jetsons" is getting another shot at the big screen.
Warner Bros / Hanna-Barbera

We're living in a time when movies and TV are filled to the brim with dystopian futures, but Warner Bros. is hoping to remind us of a utopia where a futuristic family lived in the sky.

"The Jetsons" is coming to the big screen as an animated feature, according to a report Thursday in Variety. Conrad Vernon, the guy who co-directed "Sausage Party," will help develop the story (and likely direct the movie too).

This isn't the first time WB's tried to resurrect the franchise. There was a live-action version in the works a few years ago involving producers Denise Di Novi and Donald De Line, but it appears the studio chose to move to an animated version. As to the potential plot of this new "Jetsons" film, there's no official word on whether the script Matt Lieberman wrote in 2015 will be part of this project, or if it will be scrapped in favor of something new to go along with Vernon's vision.

Warner Bros. and representatives for Vernon didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

The original cartoon aired for just two years, from 1962-1963, but it's still amazingly a part of geek pop culture. Since it's too early for any official cast announcements, let's hear your favorite choices for the Jetsons family (and Rosie the Robot) in the comments!

If you don't mind, we'll be singing the theme song for the rest of the day.