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Is Last Jedi the reason fans are skipping Solo? Ron Howard responds

The director is hoping Star Wars fans take the time to see Han Solo's backstory unfold on the big screen.

Solo: A Star Wars Story finished second to Ocean's 8 at the box office this week.
Jonathan Olley - © 2018 - Lucasfilm Ltd.

Are fans letting dislike of The Last Jedi keep them away from Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Han Solo standalone movie earned an estimated $15.15 million at the box office this weekend and has taken in over $176 million domestically. 

But according to Box Office Mojo, the film is petering out globally, adding only $11.3 million to its overseas receipts of $135.1 million. And The Hollywood Reporter declared last week that "Solo is badly underperforming and will become the first of the Star Wars movies made by Disney and Lucasfilm to lose money."

When a fan brought up the idea that Star Wars fans upset with The Last Jedi might be snubbing Solo, director Ron Howard himself responded to encourage fans to see his movie on the big screen.

While Howard didn't mention The Last Jedi by name, his tweet did come as a reply to a fan who stated that as a possibility. Graphic designer and artist Kris Fairbanks tweeted that if this is the case, those fans are "missing out & punishing a good film for something not its fault."

Howard also retweeted, without comment, a tweet from Seattle Star Wars fan Calvin Gregory who noted that "I judged (Solo) solely on what THIS movie had to offer ... everyone should ignore the negativity and see it for yourself."

The Last Jedi polarized some fans, perhaps by making bold changes to the established rules of the Star Wars universe.

Last Jedi star Kelly Marie Tran, who plays new character Rose Tico, deleted all posts from her Instagram account recently, and many theorized that harassment from fans was to blame. Other fans, however, stuck up for Tran, showing support by creating images of her character.

Fans will have to wait another year for the next Star Wars movie. Episode IX, the final film in the sequel trilogy, comes out in December 2019.

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