Iron Man Riri Williams is making her animated debut in Marvel Rising

The teenage genius who took over for Tony Stark in the comics and became Ironheart will debut in a special.

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Ironheart Riri Williams will make her animated debut on an upcoming Marvel Rising special.


Riri Williams, the female teenage genius who took over for Iron Man in Marvel comics , is getting her animated debut as Ironheart in an upcoming Marvel Rising special announced Tuesday.

Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron will be a 44-minute special in which Williams, who is adjusting to being the youngest person at her college, finds out her school's engineering lab is destroyed by an invader and her best friend is kidnapped. The special's description says Williams will make a plan to save her friend using some inspiration from Iron Man Tony Stark.

Actress Sofia Wylie (Andi Mack) will voice Williams. She tweeted her excitement about the role following the announcement.

Over in the comics, Williams debuted in 2016 as a 15-year-old who invents her own Iron Man suit, eventually filling in for Tony Stark when he ends up in a coma. While she does develop a mentor relationship with Stark (and an AI version of Stark), she ultimately takes on her own moniker as Ironheart and will have her own series under that title debut this November.

Marvel Rising also announced a 22-minute Chasing Ghosts special, which will continue the Gwen Stacy (Cameron Dove) aka Ghost Spider storyline started in the Marvel Rising: Initiation shorts. A teaser for the Spider-focused special shows Stacy spying on the Secret Warriors team, many of whom she met during Initiation but hasn't officially aligned with.

Release dates and services for the new Marvel Rising specials have not been announced yet, but both the previous Initiation and Secret Warriors specials debuted first on Disney's cable networks with the former becoming available on YouTube after airing.

The Williams announcement is the latest in a string of female and lesser-known superheroes that are being getting expanded through the Marvel Rising series. So far Initiation created a smart origin story and setup for Ghost Spider, while the Secret Warriors film expanded Ms. Marvel (Kathreen Khavari) while introducing America Chavez (Cierra Ramirez) and Captain Marvel (Kim Raver) among other heroes.

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