Icebergify: Here's How to Create an 'Iceberg' of Your Favorite Spotify Artists

So you want to craft your own musical iceberg...

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an iceberg on the ocean with an icebergify logo on top

Icebergify ranks your most listened-to artists on Spotify in terms of their popularity.


Scrolled through social media recently? Seen those bizarre musical icebergs floating around in your feed? You're not alone. Screenshots like this have been doing the rounds, particularly on Twitter. 

It's all created via the magic of a website called Icebergify.

Using the data from your Spotify listening habits, Icebergify creates an "iceberg" of your most listened-to artists ranked by popularity. At the tip of the iceberg? Your favorite "mainstream" artists. Your Taylor Swifts, your Beyonces, your Drakes, etc. The further down you go, the more obscure it becomes. It looks a little like this...

Iceberg with names of musical artists listed all over it

Not everyone loves their results.

Screenshot by CNET

If you want to see your own iceberg, you can head to the website directly. Be warned: it does require your Spotify log-in. 

The Icebergify website was developed by Akshay Raj, a freshman studying computer and data science at Rice University. He says he has no plans to monetize the site or use the data collected -- which is limited to your username, Spotify account ID and the top 50 tracks and artists listened to over the past few years. 

How does it work? It's fairly simple. Icebergify takes your most listened-to artists and sorts them according to popularity rankings. Streams, shares, saves, likes and followers are all taken into account. This is why Beyonce might be at the top of your iceberg, but lesser-known artists are at the bottom, beneath the ocean. Also worth noting: It seems like Icebergify is being flooded due to its surprising popularity. Head back later if it doesn't immediately work.