Hulu's July 2018 lineup: Stephen King and J.J. Abrams team up on Castle Rock

We've got a brand-new series by two very high-profile names. Will it be any good? We'll find out soon.

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Nothing creepy about this image at all, right?


If you just wanted to sit at home and marathon television shows for the entire month of July instead of going outside, I think Hulu might have you covered just with its new additions for the month. There are over 15 seasons of Food Network shows being added, because who is not obsessed with food, how it's prepared, where to find it and how to beat Bobby Flay at things?

There are only four Hulu originals, but as you saw in the headline, Castle Rock is coming to the streaming service. Stephen King content does not necessarily translate well to the screen, but here's hoping that there's something special about this show. Since J.J. Abrams is also behind it, maybe the show can give us enough mysteries to solve while we wait for Westworld to come back.

Watch this: What's new to stream for July 2018

Check out the full list below. Networks marked with an asterisk require an additional subscription beyond Hulu's regular service.

Arriving on Hulu, July 2018

July 1

July 2

  • UnREAL, complete season 3 (Lifetime)

July 3

July 6

July 7

July 8

July 9

  • In a World (2013)
  • Serena (2014)

July 10

  • Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017)
  • Cover Versions (2017)
  • Zombie Spring Breakers (2016)

July 11

  • Harlots, season 2 premiere (Hulu original)

July 13

July 14

July 17

  • Sharp Edges (2018)

July 20

  • Ballet Now (Hulu original documentary)
  • The Last Ship, complete season 4 (TNT)
  • Outkast, complete season 2 (*Cinemax)
  • This Country, complete seasons 1 & 2 (BBCA)
  • Trial & Error, season 2 premiere (NBC)
  • Embrace of the Serpent (2015)

July 21

July 22

  • Leaning into the Wind (2018)

July 24

July 25

July 27

July 28

July 30

  • Before We Vanish (2018)
  • The Wrecking Crew (2008)

July 31

Leaving Hulu, July 2018

July 31

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