BTS video melts butter for an hour, gets 12.8 million views on YouTube

The Dynamite K-pop band is prewarming its fan base before the new single Butter drops in May.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Does an hour of melting butter get you pumped up for the new BTS single?

BTS video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

South Korean superstar group BTS is on a roll with food-themed promotions. Hot on the McNuggety heels of a McDonald's meal deal, BTS released an hour-long logo trailer video for its upcoming English-language single Butter

Butter won't come out until May 21, but fans are already eating up the promotion materials. The video -- which shows an animated pat of butter melting for an hour -- has over 12.8 million views after streaming live on Monday.

There are sounds in the background, including kitchen noises, sizzling and a rhythmic knocking. Occasionally other images -- like musical notes, a pair of sunglasses, a sun symbol and hearts -- pop up inside a speech balloon. There is a storyline of sorts. The logo starts square and becomes a heart.

BTS is wildly popular globally for its upbeat pop music, but that doesn't mean the band's marketing team is slacking. The group tweeted a full promotion schedule on Wednesday that includes release dates and times for Butter teaser posters, clips and photos.

BTS smashed YouTube viewing records with the song Dynamite in 2020. Will the next one find similar success? You butter believe it.