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Hot Wheels' First Wheelchair RC Toy Stars Paralympic Athlete Aaron Wheelz

This wheelchair can really spin and jump, too.

The Hot Wheels R/C Aaron Wheelz Wheelie Chair can speed and spin, racing up to 10kph (6.2mph).

Hot Wheels is partnering with Paralympic athlete Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham to release a speedy remote-controlled wheelchair toy that's ready to pull off all kinds of stunts.

Announced and launched Tuesday, the Hot Wheels R/C Aaron Wheelz Wheelie Chair looks a bit like playing a live-action version of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. The toy -- which is the first from Hot Wheels to feature a wheelchair as its vehicle -- features Fotheringham's likeness, includes a ramp and includes a "wheelie boost" feature to give the vehicle extra speed for big jumps or while racing it around.

The $50 (roughly £40, AU$70) RC toy can move as fast as 10kph (6.2mph), and in the demo clips Hot Wheels provided it can clearly spin super fast and survive a full flip. 

The toy is the first RC wheelchair-controlled toy from Hot Wheels.


Hot Wheels says that the toy and the Fotheringham partnership is to encourage kids to tackle challenges and obstacles. Fotheringham himself is a five-time winner of the WCMX World Championship and has a plethora of online videos showcasing his wheelchair tricks. He recently executed the first Wheelchair Flair/backflip 180 and appeared on this year's America's Got Talent: Extreme where he placed as a runner-up.