HBO's Silicon Valley gear for auction: Pied Piper badges, Gilfoyle's Satan iPhone case

And how would you like Richard's scribbled notes on his middle-out compression algorithm?

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Leslie Katz
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Richard Hendricks liked flow charts and bulleted lists.  


HBO comedy Silicon Valley ended for good Sunday night, but you can take a piece (or more) of the show home. Hollywood collectibles auction site Screenbid is auctioning off more than a thousand set pieces, clothing items and props from across all six seasons of the Emmy-winning show about computer geeks trying to make it in Northern California's global tech hub. 

The items include smaller goods such as Richard Hendricks' official Pied Piper company badge, Bertram Gilfoyle's skull keychain and Satan iPhone case and Big Head's bike helmet. But they range all the way up to bigger grabs including the Hacker Hostel ping-pong table and a working Samsung UHD Monitor Dinesh Chugtai used in the season 6 premiere to email Gabe the latest "tech specs" for the fifth time.

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Yes, the actual ping-pong table. 


You could practically fit yourself a new wardrobe with all the shirts on offer here. 

There's the pink and gray striped polo shirt Kumail Nanjiani wore as Dinesh in the season 5 finale, Brooks Brothers button-down shirts worn by Zach Woods as Jared Dunn and a good selection of T-shirts donned by T.J. Miller while playing dot-com millionaire Erlich Bachman. These include a gray Aviato T-shirt, a blue binary "bitcoin" T-shirt and a Space Invaders top

Part of the proceeds from the auction will support St. Joseph Center's Codetalk program, a tuition-free digital web tech job training program for low income, underemployed and underserved women in LA County. 

Bidding started Sunday night just as the cold reality set in that Gavin Belson and the Pied Piper guys won't be living on in new episodes. At least they can endure in Richard's frantically scribbled handwritten notes on middle-out compression, the Weissman score and cloud storage.

The auction begins closing on Dec. 20, and ends Dec. 21. HBO will provide an official Studio Certificate of Authenticity for every item sold. Yes, even Jian-Yang's underwear


Richard's credit card isn't valid anymore, but you can still own it. 


Originally published Dec. 8.