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Halo Infinite Nerf Bulldog SG, Mangler blasters bring Xbox battles into reality

Exclusive: Hasbro is celebrating the Xbox Series X game with a pair of foam dart blasters.

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Sean Keane
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Finish the fight … in your backyard. While Halo Infinite may not be arriving on Microsoft's Xbox Series X until next year, Hasbro will let you live out some of those Master Chief fantasies in real life a little sooner with its game-inspired Bulldog SG and Mangler blasters, CNET can exclusively reveal. Both will be available from Jan. 1, 2021.

The $35 Bulldog SG is the chunkier of the two, and can fire 10 foam darts in a row from its super cool rotating drum. The Nerf Elite darts are included, and the blaster has flip-up sights and tactical rails.

The smaller Mangler -- used by the Covenant in the game -- will set you back $20. Its six-dart drum has a cover to stop them from falling out (which would be pretty embarrassing as you face down your UNSC rivals). You'll also have to prime this one before each shot.

If you want to get into some Nerf Halo action a little sooner, the company is releasing its MA40 Motorised Dart Blaster on Oct. 1. That'll cost $50, and requires four C batteries.

Nerf Halo Infinite Bulldog SG and Mangler: Finish the fight with foam

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Both blasters will come with a redeemable Xbox Live code for in-game Halo Infinite items; the Bulldog SG gets you a Nerf weapon skin and charm (for some sweet aesthetic consistency), while the Mangler comes with a Nerf emblem and charm. 

Hasbro also suggests you use some protective eyewear while playing with these, which seems like a golden opportunity to lean into some light cosplay and don some sunglasses that look like Master Chief's visor.

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