Glenn Close's dog Pip steals spotlight at Independent Spirit Awards

The actress won the award for best female lead, but her dog won our hearts.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Glenn Close's dog Pip was the real star at the 2019 Independent Spirit Awards.  

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Celebrities are used to being the center of attention, especially on the red carpet. 

However, one cute pup named Pip seemed to be the real star at the 2019 Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday.

Glenn Close's Havanese dog followed the actress as she gave interviews on the red carpet (or more accurately the Spirit Awards' blue carpet). 

Reporters were quick to notice the well-behaved dog who attentively watched Close whenever she spoke. At times, Pip the dog would yawn or happily accept a head scratching from another human. 

The most adorable moment happened when Close won best female lead for her role in The Wife. As she walked to the stage to accept her award, Pip followed her to the podium

"I hope you don't mind that Pip came up here with me, he's my date," Close told the audience. "I am so honored to be here with all the women in this category. So, so honored." 

But as Close tried to continue her acceptance speech, Pip rolled around on his back, stealing the spotlight (and camera time) from his amused human companion.

"What's better than that?" Close said in response to her dog's playfulness. "I brought him up for this very reason. It's called 'in the moment.'"

Of course, plenty of Pip fans popped up on social media to profess their love for the furry sidekick.

Can't get enough of Pip? Here's an Instagram video of Pip on the way to the Spirit Awards.