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Get ready for a grittier Star Trek (The 3:59, Ep. 228)

CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone offers some hints about the latest Star Trek show and shoots down the idea of any "Game of Thrones"-type sex and violence.


"Star Trek: Discovery" will be different than any Star Trek show before it.

I had CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone on the show to talk about the next big series for the company's CBS All Access service, and he teased a "cinematic" and "grittier" program, akin to what you'd see on other premium cable channels.

(Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

But will there be "Game of Thrones"-level violence and sex?

"I highly doubt that," Lanzone said.

Lanzone had previously told Peter Kafka that there "theoretically" could be naked humans or aliens, since this is an online show that doesn't fall under the same standards guidelines as network shows. The remark set off a firestorm of speculation.

Though the series' producers could set new boundaries, "the intent is to make a good show," Lanzone told me.

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