'Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical' brings winter to Broadway

An unauthorized parody of the HBO hit savages Jon Snow and the rest of the best (and worst) from Westeros.

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Eric Mack

Winter has come to Westeros at last. But we may have to endure two winters here on Earth before the final season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" drops sometime in 2019

Fortunately you can get your fix of the Iron Throne drama by heading to New York to catch the limited run of "Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical."

To say that the show makes a mockery of Dany T., Jon Snow and the whole Lannister clan is an understatement, at least if videos of "The Jon Snow Emo Vlog" posted to YouTube in advance of opening night are any indication. 

You can get a pretty good sense of the humor and irreverence the production has for the series in the below selection, in which Ned Stark's alleged bastard son seeks out a personal trainer in order to impress his new girlfriend/aunt.

The unauthorized parody stage show opens Tuesday in the Jerry Orbach Theater in the Theater Center on Broadway for a three-week run. It's a short run, yes, but as the producers point out, they can't "hold the door" forever.