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'Game of Thrones' shooting multiple endings is a royal idea

Commentary: Want Jon on the Iron Throne? Want Daenerys there? Looks like all fans might get their wishes as the show plans out ways to beat leaks and spoilers.

How about one ending where Daenerys takes the Iron Throne, one where Jon Snow does, and one where they reign together?

Warning: "Game of Thrones" spoilers ahead.

Hey, it worked for the movie "Clue," and for the who-shot-J.R. episode of "Dallas." HBO may shoot multiple endings to the final season of "Game of Thrones" to fool leakers, according to Pennsylvania's Morning Call newspaper, which reported on a public talk given by Casey Bloys, HBO president of programming (and Pennsylvania local boy).

"The ending, they're going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really know what happens," Bloys said while speaking at Moravian College. "You have to do that on a long show. Because when you're shooting something, people know."

This "Thrones" fan is fully in favor of the idea. Shoot 'em all, and release them on the final-season DVD, or embeddable brain chip, or whatever technology we're using by the time this show finally wraps up. (Still no announcement as to whether the final season will ai in 2018 or 2019.)

And since they've now got the power to shoot all kinds of crazy endings, here are a few ideas:

Cersei keeps the throne, reigns bloodily ever after: Oh come on, they'll never let this happen. She has Maggy the Frog's prophecy, telling Cersei she'd be cast down by one more beautiful (everyone thinks Dany, but Jon is also easy on the eyes) and strangled to death by the Valonqar, meaning "little brother." So we all think either Tyrion or Jaime will do her in. But at this point, the most surprising ending would be for her to stay triumphant on the throne, her zombie guard The Mountain beside her, brutally living up to her house motto and paying all the Lannister debts in blood.

Jon and Dany find out they're related, don't care: I realize he is her nephew, but anyone who thinks incest is a problem for this show really hasn't been paying attention. 

Arya, not one of the Lannister brothers, kills Cersei: Arya's been making progress, but still has Melisandre; Beric (RIP Thoros); Ned-executioner Ilyn Payne; the Mountain (pretty much already dead); and yes, Cersei on her list. Maybe she gets to kill Cersei because she dons another of her false faces and convinces Cersei she's one of her brothers? Really, just give Arya more screen time.

The White Walkers take over, with a little help from their friends: George R.R. Martin gave his fantasy land an undead foe, then created a loophole by giving them a couple of ways they could be destroyed -- dragonglass and Valyrian steel. So in the end, the army of the dead will probably be vanquished. But the way they've been recruiting extreme members (Wun Wun the giant! Viserion the dragon! That one undead bear!), we've got a few more that could join their team and help take over. Dare we say ... zombie Hodor? Zombie Joffrey? Undead Ramsay Bolton, complete with dog-eaten face? Many readers of the books have longed for Lady Stoneheart (undead Catelyn Stark) to return. Well, here you go.

Khal Drogo comes back: Yes, Jason Momoa is Aquaman now, but back in the day, Dany's warlord husband swore to cross the Narrow Sea and take the Iron Throne. We saw him burn to ashes on the pyre that hatched the three dragon eggs (and earned Dany her title of "The Unburnt"), so forget this one, he's dead. Just like Jon Sn--wait a minute...

Note: Bran and his powers do not play into any of these theories because I fall asleep whenever Bran's eyes roll back in his head.

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