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Game of Thrones battle was the biggest ever, but way too dark to see

The Battle of Winterfell was epic and all, but viewers couldn't always grasp what the heck was going on.


It was the biggest episode of Game of Thrones ever, and no one could see anything. Brilliant.

I thought it was just Australia's terrible internet, but turns out everyone was having the exact same issue. "Extremely avant-garde to shoot a massive battle entirely in the dark," one Twitter user wrote. Wrote another: "Raise your hand if you've been watching Game of Thrones wishing you could see a damn thing."

Mild spoilers incoming.

There were a few instances of light. Fire from Dragons, for instance, and Melisandre setting every sword on the realm alight like your mom handing out sparklers on the fourth of July. That was pretty good. The episode is done and you can watch the trailer for next week's episode here.

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Time to invest in an OLED TV with some extremely good HDR I guess. 

Anyway, good episode. Might do a rewatch with the brightness cranked up to 100. Fortunately, one brave CNET reporter went through the dark, frame-by-frame, to bring a detailed analysis of each and every kill. Must have had a good TV, then.