First Man trailer: Ryan Gosling la la lands on the moon

Gosling blasts off as astronaut Neil Armstrong in Damian Chazelle's NASA saga.

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Richard Trenholm

Get ready for yet another trailer that gives away the ending. It's the new promo for First Man, the true-life story of NASA's Apollo 11 mission to the moon from Whiplash and La La Land director Damien Chazelle

The trailer suggests Chazelle once again combines beautiful visuals with a tale of ambition and obsession. Following astronaut adventures like The Right Stuff and Hidden Figures, First Man focuses on Neil Armstrong and his spacefaring buddies at NASA during the Apollo moonshot missions of the late 1960s.

Ryan Gosling plays Armstrong with a cropped haircut and intense frown, while Claire Foy is the obligatory worried wife. Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke and Jon Bernthal wear '60s suits to draw on chalkboards.

First Man blasts off in October 2018.

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