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Fargo star Allison Tolman is using quarantine to make curse word embroideries

In the I'm So Obsessed podcast, the Emmy Award-nominated actress talks about Billy Bob Thornton, the ABC show Emergence and how to make a cappuccino with a glass jar.

alison tolman
Allison Tolman is the latest guest on CNET's I'm So Obsessed podcast.
Casey Curry/Invision/AP

This story is part of I'm So Obsessed (subscribe here), our podcast featuring interviews with actors, artists, celebrities and creative types about their work, career and current obsessions.

Allison Tolman is perhaps best known for her Emmy Award-nominated role as Deputy Molly Solverson in the first season of Fargo on FX. She shared the screen with the likes of Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton, who were some of the first movie stars to work between film and TV series. In an interview on the I'm So Obsessed podcast for CNET, Tolman explained how in 2014 working on a TV show was still seen as a step down, even for someone like Thornton. 

"Billy Bob was the big name. And Fargo was at the beginning of this idea of movie stars doing television," said Tolman. "Doing interviews for Fargo, Billy talked about television being where film actors went to die. That's what the stigma was, and I think we were part of changing that idea."

Today, it's not unusual to see big-name stars on TV. For example, Regina King, from films and shows such as If Beale Street Could Talk, American Crime, The Leftovers and 227, recently starred in the HBO series Watchmen.

Since Fargo, Tolman has been on a variety of shows, including The Mindy Project, Archer and The Twilight Zone. Most recently she played Jo Evans in the ABC sci-fi thriller Emergence, which ended its first season in January.

During our interview, Tolman talked about her early career doing commercials and theater work, how Fargo changed her life and gave her more choice over her roles and how she's "kind of killing it at quarantine". She even schools me on how to make a cappuccino at home using a microwave and a glass jar.

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