Fan has seen Avengers: Endgame 116 times in quest for world record

Never once has Agustin Alanis needed to duck out for a bathroom break.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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An Avengers-worthy quest indeed.


Did you make it through Avengers: Endgame's three-hour runtime without a bathroom break? Good for you! But as of Thursday night, Agustin Alanis, 30, of Riverview, Florida has made it through that blockbuster film's three-hour runtime 116 times. Never once has he ducked out for a break, even though he most certainly knows when the more skippable scenes come up.

Alanis is gunning for the Guinness World Record for "most cinema productions attended -- same film," and he's in good shape to do that. On Thursday night, he sat through viewing 116 with no end in sight. His goal is 200 viewings, or close to it.

"I wasn't planning to try and break (the world record) to begin with," Alanis told me. "But I had watched it every day since it came out for two weeks, and just like the movie shattered records, I decided to do it as well."

Alanis said he's a Marvel fan who's watched 2014's Captain America: Winter Soldier numerous times at home, and he knew he could stand the repetition -- at least for a Marvel film.

"I don't think I would try it with another movie," he admitted.

Alanis usually goes twice on weekdays and more often on weekends. On the film's opening weekend, he saw it five times. When he's not in the theater, he's works in his family's construction business.

"My friends and family have been very supportive," he said. "My parents and younger sister came with me when I reached 100 views."

Isn't he sick of the same lines and scenes over and over?

"Can't be sick of it," Alanis said. "I do recite (the lines) in my mind, and sometimes out loud when there's no one sitting next to me."

And as for a bathroom break, despite the film's three-hour runtime, he says he's just never needed one.

Alanis' top-rated Avengers: Endgame scenes involve his favorite character, Captain America, especially when the WWII hero manages to wield Thor's hammer, mighty Mjölnir, and when the once-dusted heroes reappear and Cap delivers his famed "Avengers assemble!" line.

And as far as the protests and petitions about fans wanting a different fate for Iron Man? He's not on board.

"To end the infinity saga, Iron Man had to die saving everyone," says the man who's seen the movie more than perhaps anyone on the planet. "That was his purpose and his fate , so no, I wouldn't change it."

Alanis has sent details of his quest to the Guinness Book of World Records, and regularly tweets photos with his ticket stubs and movie theater employees after each showing. He hasn't heard back from Guinness yet, but there is precedent.

The current record is held by Tony "Nem" Mitchell, who spoke to me in 2018 when he was setting the record with Avengers: Infinity War. When Mitchell spoke to me, he had seen the film a mere 45 times, but he went on to watch it a total of 103 times, earning himself an invite to the premiere of Avengers: Endgame.

Alanis hasn't met Mitchell, but there seem to be no hard feelings.

"We have crossed words on Twitter, with him cheering me on to break the record," Alanis said.

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