Emilia Clarke points finger in Game of Thrones coffee cup mystery

Clarke says a co-star admitted the truth to her.

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Erin Carson

The Mother of Dragons says it wasn't her coffee cup. 


The mystery of the Game of Thrones coffee cup has percolated back up. The Mother of Dragons herself has named a new suspect responsible for leaving a coffee cup on a table in one of the final episodes of Game of Thrones season 8.

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The dreaded cup.

HBO/Screenshot by CNET

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, Emilia Clarke revealed that Conleth Hill, who played Varys, admitted to her at an Emmys party in September that the cup was his.

"I think that's who did it," said Clarke. "He said it. He might have been drunk, but he said it."  

This twist comes after Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark, laid the blame on Clarke in May while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Thanks to video editing, HBO was able to remove the coffee cup from the scene on HBO Go and HBO Now.