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Drake offers to swap a Fortnite verse for a Hotline Bling emote

After Drake and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' latest stream, we can't imagine how Epic could pass this up.

Drake Performs At  l'AccorHotels Arena
In a perfect world, every Fortnite player would do this nonstop.
Cash Money Records/YouTube

When Drake last played Fortnite on Twitch with a group of players that included popular streamer Ninja, they broke Twitch's record for concurrent viewers -- and turbocharged Fortnite's popularity. Though no records were broken in the latest video, a conversation has planted the seed of a Hotline Bling emote coming to the wildly popular battle royale game.

In the video, Ninja runs around in the game as he chats with Drake about one of the new dance emotes. Drake responds that rapper Murda Beats is already sampling Fortnite music in his songs. Then he starts talking about how he wants the game's developer Epic to make an emote tied to his famous dance from his biggest hit, adding that the company should include all the iconic moves.

Ninja clearly loves the idea in the video, but when Drake says that he would rap about Fortnite in one of his songs if Epic added a Hotline Bling dance move, it starts to sound like a real possibility.  

Do you think Epic should add classic dance moves to Fortnite? Let us know in the comments!