Disney Plus to Release 'Encanto' Sing-Along Version and More

Make room for more earworms and more talk about Bruno.

'Encanto' is among the Disney musicals to get the sing-along treatment.

On Friday, Encanto fans will receive another dose of Madrigal magic. Disney Plus will drop a sing-along version of the musical so you can take your personal rendition of We Don't Talk About Bruno to the next level. There'll be no room to flub the lyrics as they dance across the screen. 

Disney shared the news on Monday and noted that other Walt Disney creations will also receive sing-along editions. Later this year, viewers can expect to see Frozen and both iterations of Beauty and the Beast (yes, the live-action one too) arrive in all their lyrical video glory. 

This Friday, however, prepare to be hit with Encanto tunes such as Family Madrigal, Surface Pressure, Dos Oruguitas and that catchy Bruno ditty. According to Disney, the popular film has been restreamed 180 million times since its release, and Lin-Manuel Miranda's soundtrack has topped the charts worldwide.

Disney Plus is currently priced at $8 per month, and the streaming service doesn't run ads. Subscribers should be on the lookout for a cheaper, ad-supported version later this year. In the meantime, crank up your TV for your Encanto karaoke session.