Disney Plus drops first clips from new show Marvel's 616

Go behind the scenes of the Marvel universe with this new Disney Plus documentary appearing at Comic-Con this week.

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Comic-Con 2020 goes online today, which makes it a good time to see the first clips from Marvel's 616, a new Disney Plus show exploring the history of Marvel movies and comics .

Marvel's 616 takes its name from the version of earth where the Marvel comics are set (it's a multiverse thing). The anthology documentary series explores how Marvel comics are made, gets to know the fandom and more. It's debuting on Disney's streaming service in the fall.

This clip is from an episode titled Higher, Further, Faster. Directed by Community and Love star Gillian Jacobs, it focuses on women like Sana Amanat and G Willow Wilson and how they created characters such as Ms Marvel.

The second clip is directed by comedian Paul Scheer on a quest to discover forgotten characters from the comics like Dr. Druid, Typeface and the Whizzer, not to mention a dude named Black Panther who didn't remain forgotten for long.

The two directors will be talking about the show in an online discussion for Comic-Con@Home Thursday, July 23 at 1 p.m. PT. The virtual convention takes place July 22-26 and features over 350 panels.

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