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Deadpool joining the Avengers? Ryan Reynolds wants it to happen

Will the Avengers assemble, and add the Merc with a Mouth? And what kind of parental rating would that movie get?

Marvel antihero Deadpool has been affiliated with plenty of heroic teams, but he's not an official Avenger, despite what an apparently Photoshopped image shows. 

The photo depicts Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) walking with Avengers leader Captain America (Chris Evans), and it looks so real that one fan asked Reynolds on Twitter if it was real.

His response? "It's real in my heart."

Reynolds has been having fun on Twitter lately. Recently, he tweeted back at none other than rapper Kanye West, after West said he loved both Deadpool movies and would have allowed his music to be used in them.

Naturally, Reynolds couldn't resist making a joke about Celine Dion, whose song, Ashes, was used in the recently released Deadpool 2.

The presumably Deadpool-free Avengers 4 is scheduled for a May 3, 2019, release in the US and April 26 in the UK, with no Australia release date known yet.

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