Danny Boyle will direct the 25th James Bond film

Choose life (and let die).

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It's official: Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle will direct the next James Bond movie.

The as-yet-untitled 25th installment in the Bond series will star Daniel Craig in his fifth and probably final outing as 007. As rumored, Boyle will direct, from a script by his long-time collaborator John Hodge. There's no word yet on whether the film will be set in Edinburgh or if Iggy Pop will do the theme tune.

Boyle's kinetic visual style, hip musical choices and street-level subject matter might seem to make him an odd choice for the glossy world of Bondian espionage, but the results will certainly be interesting. The Oscar-winning Boyle has directed Bond before -- sort of -- when he oversaw the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony featuring Daniel Craig in character in a skit with the Queen.

Bond25 will begin production in December and will be released by MGM with Universal Pictures, ending the franchise's distribution deal with Sony . The film hits screens in October 2019.

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