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Dan Aykroyd: New Ghostbusters film 'being written' for original stars

Who you gonna call? Maybe, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson.

Who you gonna call? Maybe, the original surviving Ghostbusters.

Dan Aykroyd, one of the stars of the original 1984 film, said on AXS TV's The Big Interview With Dan Rather Tuesday that a new take on the film is "being written right now."

"There is a possibility of a reunion with the three remaining Ghostbusters," he said, according to CNET sister site ComicBook.com. That would include Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson. Star Harold Ramis, who played Ghostbuster Egon Spengler, died in 2014.

Aykroyd even believes co-star Bill Murray will don the famed tan jumpsuit once again. Murray had previously said he wouldn't return to the series.

"I think Billy will come,"Aykroyd told Rather. "The story's so good. Even if he plays a ghost."

Though Aykroyd is giving new, specific details, the idea of a third Ghostbusters with the original cast is about as fresh as an original box of Ecto Cooler

The comedy was remade in 2016 with an all-female cast, but ever since Ghostbusters II came out in 1989 as the sequel to the 1984 original, there's been talk of a third film reuniting the original actors. (Film School Rejects features an exhaustive history of all the times this concept has been tossed around.)

Sony Pictures did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A new film would have a timely tie-in: as Ghostbusters News points out, 2019 is the 35th anniversary of the original movie.