Cosplayer makes Spider-Man mask complete with movable mechanical eyes

With this impressive costume, Spidey's eyes show when he's surprised, happy or glaring.

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Cavin's Spider-Man mask adds more authenticity to the beloved Marvel superhero's costume.

Cavin Creations

Spider-Man's costume isn't the typical superhero getup. Spidey not only needs to be able to wear something that lets him sling spider webs so he can swing from building to building. He also needs to be able to express himself while in the head-to-toe disguise.

Hong Kong-based cosplayer and costume maker Cavin from Cavin Creations has re-created the iconic MCU Spider-Man costume mask, complete with movable mechanical eye lenses. 

A sensor control system in the mask's shell makes the frame around Spidey's eyes move so you know when the superhero is surprised, happy or glaring. 

"I will call it Billy, which is 'Be Incredibly Limitless Like You,'" Cavin posted on Twitter, along with a video.  

Cavin goes on to explain in the video that Spidey's eyes move when the wearer of the mask blinks. No buttons needed. That kind of impressive cosplay technology would make anyone's Spidey senses tingle. 

While this particular advanced mask style isn't for sale yet, fans can still buy a sensor-free version of the Spidey mask for $490 (roughly £393, AU$707) from Cavin at his online shop.

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