Captain Marvel's early suit concepts are way different to the comic

Concept artist Aleksi Briclot releases early iterations of what Brie Larson's superhero could have looked like.

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Captain Marvel's suit suits her to a T.

But one of the concept artists who worked on the latest Marvel film has shown the world of Instagram what her super-suit could have looked like in a more alien form.

Aleksi Briclot, who worked on the film as a concept artist, recently revealed a couple of early iterations of the suit that certainly look a lot more android and a lot more alien.

In the below post, Briclot details a "weirder" suit that hides "the human root of the character", with the intention of giving star Brie Larson a big reveal when the mask finally comes off her face.

Briclot also revealed another original suit, whose green-and-white colour scheme represents Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers' mixed Terran and Kree origins.

Before Captain Marvel becomes Captain Marvel, she's Vers, an elite pilot for the alien race called the Kree. Initially, she wears a suit adorned with different shades of green. The final version of her suit, post-superhero transformation, is colored the iconic red, blue and yellow from the comics .

Briclot explains that he comes up with multiple concepts for a character's look that are "close to what we know" as well as some more "surprising" versions.

Briclot brought his artistic talents to Ant-Man and The Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok, so he's experienced when it comes to imagining cool alternative superhero designs.

You can see some more of those concepts on his Instagram.