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Captain Marvel about to blast past $1 billion at box office

Live-action remake of Dumbo soared to the top of the weekend box office.

Captain Marvel just keeps on earning.

It's no longer the top movie at the weekend box office, but globally, Captain Marvel continues to soar. The Brie Larson superhero movie earned another $47 million worldwide this weekend. Of that, $21 million was earned in the U.S. 

That brings the film's worldwide earnings to $991 million, meaning it's almost certain to join the $1 billion club this week. 

Another Disney film topped the weekend box office, knocking Jordan Peele's Us from the top spot. The live-action remake of Dumbo flew to the No. 1 spot, earning $45 million at U.S. theaters and $71 million internationally. But that was disappointing considering, as BoxOfficeMojo noted, it fell short of Disney's expectations it would cross $50 million.

The billion-dollar box-office club is growing. Aquaman crossed the threshold in January. Black Panther also earned more than $1 billion in 2018. Avengers: Infinity War went even further, crossing the $2 billion mark in the summer of 2018.