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New Captain America patent could mean something big from Disney

Could a new Avengers park attraction be on its way to Disneyland and Disney World?

Looks like Captain America's shield, a symbol for justice and freedom, could become part of a new Avengers attraction at Disney resorts. 

Disney has secured a design patent on the shield used by Captain America. Eriq Gardner, a senior editor at The Hollywood Reporter, shared the news in a tweet posted Tuesday. 

The patent includes highly detailed specs of Cap's shield, including elements on the top and underneath. The patent was originally filed in January 2016.

In 2017, Disney filed a patent for another version of Captain America's shield.  In that one, the shield is attached to a rail that you could slide onto your arm. 

When making a throwing motion, the shield then slides down the rail. The shield doesn't detach from the arm piece, but it looks like a VR component simulates a shield traveling in the direction you were throwing it. 

There's no official statement from Disney as of yet on what the new patent is for. Regardless, Disney filing a patent is a smart move considering design patents can be worth a lot of money. A recent jury verdict ruled that Samsung owes Apple $533 million for infringing three design patents (and a little more for two utility patents).

Neither Disney nor the United States Patent and Trademark Office immediately respond to a request for a comment.

Curious fans can search on the Justia Patents site to see which patents Disney has filed and which have been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.