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Britney Spears gets first iPad, says 'my life is changing' as a result

"This is just a groundbreaking day," the delighted singer says in an Instagram video. Meanwhile, the battle over her conservatorship continues.

The Apple iPad's been around since 2010, but Britney Spears didn't get one until now, and she's, well, just a little excited about it. The singer posted a video to her Instagram account on Friday announcing the purchase, and she seems to think it's a game-changer.

"OK, guys, great news," Spears says. "I got my first iPad today. I came into the kitchen, I saw something that I ordered, and it is a freakin' new iPad. I am so excited, my kids have owned one, I've never owned one, this is just a groundbreaking day."

Spears said she's always had a "little phone," but with the iPad, it feels "like my life is changing as we speak, I am so excited." She then shrieks, "UPWARD BOUND! YES!" before cutting to a video where she models some hot-pink high-heeled shoes.

Fans commenting on the video viewed the purchase as a positive change considering the battle Spears has been fighting over her much-publicized conservatorship. The singer's father, Jamie Spears, was appointed her conservator in 2008 after Spears made headlines for her mental-health struggles. 

Britney Spears has been vocal about saying the conservatorship's control of her life goes well beyond her finances. She said she has an IUD birth control device, and even though she wants to have more children, she can't get permission to have a doctor remove it. She also said her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, isn't even able to drive her places.

But there was tough news for Britney Spears and her supporters on Monday. The singer was recently allowed to hire her own attorney, Matthew Rosengart, who filed a petition to have Jamie Spears removed as her conservator, saying she has "sufficient capacity" to handle her own finances. 

Rosengart asked Los Angeles Superior Judge Brenda Penny to move up the hearing to possibly remove Jamie Spears, saying that his client "continues to suffer ongoing harm each day that Mr. Spears remains in place as the Conservator of the Estate -- emotionally, psychologically, and financially."

While Penny did not make a ruling on whether to remove Jamie Spears, she did reject the attorney's petition to speed up the hearing date. That hearing won't occur until Sept. 29.