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'Black Panther' roars with new TV spot as tickets go on sale

The hotly anticipated Marvel film scores a touchdown with an ad release during the college-football championship game, set to music by Kendrick Lamar.

Not everyone watching Monday night's college football national title game was there for sport. At least some were tuned in for the latest TV spot -- at 90 seconds long, essentially a full trailer -- for Marvel's "Black Panther."

Although some fans (sorry, Georgia) might have come away disappointed from the overtime football thriller, the trailer scored a touchdown. Villains, battles, a cool slow-mo flipping car scene, plenty of gorgeous shots of Wakanda, and Chadwick Boseman announcing "this ends today" are all tucked in. The action is set to music by Kendrick Lamar, who produced and curated the film's soundtrack (and performed during the game's halftime show, because synergy). 

The best line from the trailer might be: "You're telling me the king of a third-world country runs around in a bulletproof cat suit?" 

Why yes, exactly.

Advance tickets went on sale in conjunction with the trailer. According to a Fandango survey, "Black Panther" is second only to "Avengers: Infinity War" as the most-anticipated movie of 2018, with Boseman as the most-anticipated comic-book hero in a standalone film.

"Black Panther" opens Feb. 12 in the UK, Feb. 15 in Australia and Feb. 16 in the US.