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Black Panther leaping on to digital sooner than we thought

A part of your living room can be forever Wakanda in just about one month.

Soon, you'll be able to bring Black Panther home.

Want to relive the epic casino fight scene in Black Panther? Need to see Shuri's genius gadget brain at work again? Just need some more of T'Challa's accent? 

Get ready to pounce, because the blockbuster Marvel movie will be available for home viewing as early as May 8 (May 15 for Blu-ray).

Marvel sent out a tweet Monday afternoon linking to the various places to scoop up the Black Panther version of your choice. Different stores offer different selections. Best Buy is selling SteelBook versions of the Blu-ray and 4K UHD versions (SteelBook meaning it's packaged in a premium metal case with cool artwork). Target's "filmmaker edition" contains a behind-the-scenes book. Marvel didn't yet include a link for Walmart's edition, but lists it as coming with two packs of trading cards.

Over the weekend, Black Panther sunk 1997's Titanic to become the third-top-earning US film ever.